HTTP Anti Flood Security Gateway Module

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HTTP Anti Flood Security Gateway Module

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Description:   -What does this module do?This module provides security enhancements against (HTTP) Flood & Brute Force Attacks for native PHP or .NET scripts at web application level. Massive crawling/scanning tools, HTTP flood tools can be detected and blocked by this module via htaccess or iptables, etc.-How can i use this module?It is really simple! You can use this module by including "iosec.php" to any PHP file which wants to be protected.This module tested and used in live environments about 3 years before it goes open source.You can test module here: (demo)You can find IOSEC Wordpress Plugin @ Downloads (v.1.4)CHANGES v.1.4-------------------------------------------------- Added Connection Limit Support- Added Whitelist Support- Added Reverse Proxy Support- Added reCAPTCHA Support - Now Blocks Brute Force More EfficientlyYou can use IOSEC under .NET see.¶khan MuharremoAzlu At web application (scripting) level you can,- Block proxies. (only via HTTP header)- Detect flooding IP addresses.- Slow down or restrict access for automated tools (HTTP flood, brute force tools, vulnerability scanners, et

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